Our mission is to teach all of God's children to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this world and the next.

Teachers List and Rooms

Catechism Corner

2015-2016 Religious Education Calendar

January 6th Class, 13th Class, 20th Class, 27th Class

February 3rd Class 6th Saturday 7th Grade Confirmation Retreat 10:00am -2:00 pm, 10th Class for sacraments only – Ash Wednesday, 17th NO CLASS- mid- winter break for all, 20th Saturday Confirmation Retreat 8th grade 10am-3pm, 24th NO Class – Parish Mission

March 2nd Class, 9th Class, 16th Class, 23rd Class, 30th Class

April 6th No Class – Spring Break, 13th Class, *15th Friday Confirmation Mass 7:00 pm, 20th Class (Registration for 2015-2016 school year), 27th Class (May Crowning Rehearsal for Confirmandi), 29th Friday First Communion Rehearsal & Confessions 6:00 pm, 30th Saturday First Holy Communion Mass (time to be determined)

May 1st Sunday May Crowning Mass @ 10:00 am, 4th Class (Registration for 2015-2016 school year), 11th Last Class (Benediction for all), Dates still needed but undetermined: Commitment Mass for 7th and 8th grades.

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Criminal Background Check Authorization Form

Parents, we are asking for your cooperation when picking up your children from catechism.  For the safety of all the children, we must ask that you remain behind the double doors at both ends of the classroom hallways until all the children return to their rooms after Benediction.  For the first few weeks, we may run a few minutes behind because we are trying to teach the children the proper way to enter the church during Adoration and exit after Benediction.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

We often hear that the young people of today are selfish, but that certainly does not apply to many of the young people of our parish. We are thrilled to share with you that we have several teenagers that have volunteered their time to help in our classrooms assisting our religious education teachers. Former Confirmation Students have offered their help with some of our parish’s service projects, even though it is no longer a requirement. We are very proud of these students and want to recognize and thank them for their efforts to live their lives as God wants them to. These young men and women are learning by the examples of their parents and the many volunteers of our parish whose efforts are obviously noticed.

We have a class for children with special needs.

Teachers List and Rooms


Pre-K- North Hall  Stephanie & Patrick Fayad, Annette Rudzewicz, Janine Burzynski, Kathleen McPherson, Christine Winiarski & Elizabeth Bolda


 Kindergarten - South Hall Kathy Forgash, Anna Franzese, Sue Lechner, Jenna Moury, Leona Abate & Mariana Misuraca


1st grade            Amy Perfetto & Asst. Tereze Camaj

                          Claudell & Claire Deguzman

                          Krysta Garnczarski 


2nd grade           Sylvia Bieniek

                    Donna Fluegel & Asst. Katerina Lamerson

                          Kimberly Ambrosio & Asst. Emily Chudy

                          Heidi Wiegand & Asst. Marcie Lamerson                    


3rd grade            Maria Brasile & Asst. Vickie Thuemmel

                          Gloria Rayles

                          Marisa Rosenbaum

                          Betty Abate


4th grade            Christy Norris & Asst. Laura Warman  

                          David Tay

                          Sheri Kanan & Asst. Paulina Vitale

                          Cesar & Patricia Dubon 


5th grade            Alexandra Schultheis

                          Steve Lechner & Asst. Giovani Gorvokaj

                          Tim Lesnak

                          Cassie Giroux

                          Pam & Therese Thelen


6th grade           Michelle Gietzen 

                          Larry Giroux

                          Joe Ivers          


7th grade           Michele Cardellio

                         Tina Tocco

                         Carolyn Lesnak

                         Rob Leonardi 

8th grade           Rochelle Rosenbaum

                         Mike & Vicki Rolling

                         Larry & Mary Hines

                         Keith Bolda & Asst. Frank Nacelewicz


Tutors               Richard Baker, Tommy Kassab, Luma, Frank & Christopher Marinello


Special  Needs  Laurie Dushaj, Catherine Brechting, Mary Richards & Breanna Dushaj                                                                                                                                                      

Testing             Hayley Schuller, Kristyn Moury, Clare DeFillippo & Jeanne Langlois     


Traffic              John Franzese & Knights of Columbus


Hallways          Rose Ventimiglia, Richard Forgash, George Lesnak


Mentors           Jean Mikelonis (Coordinator)


Substitutes       Veronica North, Barbara Wisniewski, Kelli Cella, Janice McCown


There are also many more volunteers behind the scenes that help keep the program running smoothly. They may update our webpage, supply signs, donate items for the children, mentor a student or help us to keep our bulletin article on track but just like the teachers, they give of their time and talents so the children of this parish may develop a deeper knowledge of their faith and a stronger relationship with Jesus. Thank you and may God bless you all!