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Photographs from our 2015 Slovak Festival


$5,000 1st Prize, $1,000 2nd Prize, $500 3rd Prize
$300 4th Prize, $100 5th Prize 

Our Festival Raffle drawing was held at 7:00PM on Sunday, August 30. Winning tickets were drawn by members of our Junior Sarisan folk dancing group with Fr. Benís assistance. The winners:

1st Prize: Nick Bartolone, Winning Ticket No. 002251

2nd Prize: Ruth MacDonald, Winning Ticket No. 024803

3rd Prize: Carol Mroczek, Winning Ticket No. 028880

4th Prize: Mary Ann Warner, Winning Ticket No. 044682

5th Prize: Shirley Schester, Winning Ticket No. 037358

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Festival and our Festival Raffle!

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We Thank You for visiting our Slovak Festival 

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