Medal Project Awards

Award the hard work of your Little Flower with a beautiful medal pin ornamented with each virtue's flower and appropriately colored ribbon!

You can use with each virtue's medal project or pin them to the sash for a look your Little Flower can be proud of!


Little Flowers Faith Medal Award

Saint Catherine of Siena

Faith, Earn your St. Catherine of Siena medal by going on a door-to-door mission or handing out Catholic tracts in a public place. (Wreath 1.1)


Little Flowers Hope Medal Award

Saint Monica

Hope, Earn your St. Monica medal by completing a novena for vocations OR pray a Holy Hour once a week for three weeks for vocations OR serve your mother around the house for 20 hours. (Wreath 1.2)


Little Flowers Love of God Medal Award

Saint Agnes

Love of God, Earn your St. Agnes medal by building a small altar in your room, with pictures, statues, flowers, prayer cards, Bible, prayer books, etc. OR attend a retreat weekend or longer. (Wreath 1.3)

Little Flowers Love of Neighbor Medal Award

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

Love of Neighbor, Show your love of neighbor by adopting a grandparent from a local nursing home and visiting them at least once a week for the next four weeks. OR work 20 hours for a non-profit, Catholic organization such as the parish, diocese or Catholic Social Services. (Wreath 1.4)


Little Flowers Obedience Medal Award

Saint Joan of Arc

Obedience, Earn your obedience medal by making special sacrifices on Fridays to remember the day Christ died. For one month make a list of your Friday Sacrifices OR obtain signatures of at least five religious who have taken vows of obedience. Pray a novena of one decade of the Rosary a day for their continued dedication to their vow of obedience. (Wreath 1.5)


Little Flowers Piety Medal Award

Saint Cecilia

Piety, Take part in a public act of piety outside of the church building, such as a Rosary procession, May crowning, or praying outside an abortion clinic. OR make 100 Rosaries and send them to an overseas mission or inner-city parish. (Wreath 1.6)


Little Flowers Humility Medal Award

Saint Catherine Laboure

Humility, Because humility is linked to modesty, participate in a Modesty Fashion Show or help organize one. OR log 20 hours serving those less fortunate than you either at a local kitchen, cleaning up the neighborhood, or working in a nursing home. (Wreath 1.7)


Little Flowers Industry Medal Award

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Industry, Make up a daily schedule including blocks of time for prayers, study, school, sports and leisure activities, making the best use of your time. OR begin a project for donation to a non-profit cause. Either auction it off or give it to a needy family or nursing home. (Wreath 1.8)


Little Flowers Truthfulness Medal Award

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Truthfulness, Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or diocesan paper defending a truth regarding a controversial issue (i.e. abortion, euthanasia, priestly celibacy, etc.) OR write a fairy tale or parable like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" in which the characters learn a lesson about truth. (Wreath 1.9)


Little Flowers Mercy Medal Award

Saint Faustina

Mercy, Help plan and participate in a Divine Mercy Sunday devotion (First Sunday after Easter). OR complete a Divine Mercy Novena for a cause in which mercy is needed. (Wreath 2.1)


Little Flowers Mercy Medal Award

Blessed Margaret Pole

Courage, Write a short story (minimum 1000 words) that displays courage. Read your story to the group. OR Write a letter to an editor that courageously defends the Catholic Church and its teachings. (Wreath 2.2)


Little Flowers Joy Medal Award

Saint Clare of Assisi

Joy, What makes you joyful? Write a book of jokes, a song, or a play and perform them for a group or for your family. OR help organize a backyard carnival, parish picnic, Vacation Bible School, or Christmas party. How do these bring joy into people's lives? (Wreath 2.3)

Little Flowers Generosity Medal Award

Saint Katherine Drexel

Generosity, Find out if there is a school, shrine, or mission near you that was founded by St. Katherine Drexel. If so, visit the shrine and pray for her intercession. OR Visit a shrine or pilgrimage site near you, preferably one associated with the other four American citizen Saints mentioned in the Member's Guide. (Wreath 2.4)


Little Flowers Prudence Medal Award

Saint Angela Merici

Prudence, Plan and carry out a Sunday School lesson, Little Flower Girls' Club meeting, CKNet (K4J) meeting, Vacation Bible School class or saint lesson in a home-school group or classroom. (Wreath 2.5)


Little Flowers Wisdom Medal Award

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Wisdom, Read the Books of Wisdom in the Bible and write a report on them: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom and Sirach. OR read a conversion story like "Rome Sweet Home" or "Surprised by Truth" and write a book report. (Wreath 2.6)


Little Justice Medal Award

Blessed Mary of the Incarnation

Justice, Donate 20 hours of service to a local soup kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul Society, or Crisis Pregnancy Center as an act of social justice. OR increase your regular pieties by one (i.e. go to an extra Mass during the week, offer up one sacrifice regularly, etc.) as an act of religious justice. Do this for at least one month. (Wreath 2.7)


Little Flowers Loyalty Medal Award

Saint Lucy

Loyalty, Earn your St. Lucy medal by making a scrapbook of at least 25 religious orders of consecrated women. Write to them for information and add your own thoughts about the order. What makes them different? What is their primary charisma (philosophy and way of life)? OR visit more than one motherhouse of a religious order. (Wreath 2.8)


Little Flowers Perseverance Medal Award

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Perseverance, Learn to play a new instrument and practice five songs so that you can play them for others. OR learn a part in a play and memorize all your lines. (Wreath 2.9)