"Goosebumps" (PG / 1 hr. 43 mins. / 2015) Sunday, January 17, 4:00PM:

Upset about moving from the big city to a small town, young Zach Cooper finds a silver lining when he meets his beautiful neighbor Hannah. The teen is surprised to learn that Hannah's mysterious father is R.L. Stine, the famous author of the best-selling "Goosebumps" series. When Zach accidentally unleashes the monsters from the fantastic tales, it's up to Stine, his daughter and Cooper to return the beasts back to the books where they belong

"War Room" (PG / 2 hrs. / 2015) Sunday, January 17, 6:00PM:

With great jobs, a beautiful daughter and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, how-ever, as husband Tony flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara, who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.

"Woodlawn" (PG / 2 hrs. 3 mins. / 2015) Sunday, January 24, 4:00PM:

A gifted high school football player must learn to embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field.

February Movie Schedule

"Old Fashioned" (PG-13 / 1 hr. 55 mins. / 2014) Sunday, February 14, 4:00PM

"War Room" (PG / 2 hrs / 2015) Sunday, February 14, 6:00PM

"Full of Grace" (NR / 1 hr. 23 mins. / 2015) Wednesday, February 17, 10:00AM

"Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" (NR / 1 hr. 23 mins. / 1937) Sunday, February 21, 4:00PM

"My All American" (PG / 1 hr 58 mins. / 2015) Sunday, February 28, 4:00PM

"Courageous" (PG-13 / 2 hrs. 9 mins. / 2011) Sunday, February 28, 6:00PM


If you (or your group) have a movie request, feel free to contact Fr. Ben or the Parish Office, (586) 726-6911 Reviews of current movies can be found on: www.catholicnews.com/movies.htm